The time consideration for decoration materials in a expo/exhibition design

All the time people concerns heavily on the spatial factors in materials in exhibition design, but take less experiences on the other dimension – the time factors, it goes wrongly as the aesthetics experiences in design happens not only in a occupied space but also in a occupied time range, to a observer, it will take long time evolutions to manage to define the artwork from after experiencing the subtle, unlimited, and illusional movements. Thus the time can be freely controlled and efficiently exploited by the designer, it helps to draw the observer into the design world, thus played the great important role in exhibition design.



Another entrance where time factors involved in the artwork design is the time consumption one take to observe and research on it, in some degrees, the shorter or longer time one takes to invest on a design artwork, is itself a hint to illustrate if it’s a successful artwork design or not, also it embodies the functions in the corresponding entity size. The Controlled time distinguished well from the time a observer costs to wander in the artwork world, some exhibition booth construct design plan evolves with the changing time, and they are called live art as some pictures illustrated.


The motion illusions: a static artwork can be process to move as time changes, In many modern exhibition design cases , more and more time factors were applied in them, the advance multimedia technologies add great bonus to the connotations in exhibition design, to let the observer experience the inversion in space and time in exhibition design.

DEMAGE built the perfect booth to help the FiberHome Technologies Group shine on 2013 Singapore Communic Asia expo

On June the 18-21th, the 4-day 2013 Communic Asia (short for “Singapore Asia communication Expo”) was held in Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore Maina Bay Sands. As the Asia top communication industry expo, the 2013 Communic Asia expo exhibited the world newest products and solutions on information and communication industry, the advanced technological achievements and wonderful shows draw the home and abroad clients cannot stop to cheer for it.





As seen by live reporters, the most excellent china native Information and Communication equipments and networking products and solutions provider – the FiberHome Technologies Group also attended the meeting, told by the FiberHome workers that it already attended the expo for twice, both ended by winning good effects and positive feedbacks, in order to keep and broaden the expo effects In this year, also to outline the FiberHome products as expo stars, FiberHome specially chose to cooperate with the global well known Demage international Messe , they reached a cooperation agreement to design a tailor-made high-end booth stylized for its Enterprise culture and feature , which is expected to be full of creativities and in high-tech senses meanwhile preserves to the personalities and trendy charms yet can inspire the visitors with unforgettable feelings.





From the feedbacks from multiple aspects, the booth for FiberHome undoubtedly were the most eye catching one from between many exhibitors’, on the opening day, the FiberHome expo booth were streamed with constant population flows made up of Senior official delegation team and VIP team visitors until it lasted to the final expo concluding,. As told by the visitors, that FiberHome booth were great in size, unique in design, trendy in high dynamic fashions, when stand in front of the booth, one would feel as if that he or she lost in a wonderful big film scene, the win-win collaboration between the china domestic most excellent information and Communication equipments and networking products and solutions provider and the world 1st Exhibition Identity proposer – The Demage Exhibition Messe would sure launch charming successes.




The exhibitors who attended together with FiberHome on this expo also cannot stop to praise the booth Demage for FiberHome, they all think that, from the big successes FiberHome gained on the expo it can be concluded that, the battle field for promoting the brand and products, not only limits in various media, but also exists in an special designed booths, which can be another more direct and effective method and channels, meanwhile, the effective method to leverage the booth competitiveness is resorting to a professionally talented , experienced exhibition services provider like Demage who owns frontline exhibition industry design theories, ideologies and powerful dedications.





In fact, Demage not only performed excellently in corporations with FiberHome, but also in the corporations with global well known global brands like Japan Panasonic, Germany BENZ, BMW and China native brands like the Baogang group, Huawei, etc. they all shared a good engagement experience with Demage, especially after the establish of the research center Demage Donghua university co-organized and the birth of the EI system, it brought huge many opportunities for china domestic to become Best roles in the expo.


Who will be the next to contract with Demage for a best booth design? let us just take a look and see.

Demage helped the Jinko solar group mighty participate in the 2015 PV EXPO

On February the 25th-27th, the 2015 PV EXPO (the short for 2015 Japan International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo) was grandly held on Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center in Japan.




As the biggest, most professional and most influential renewable Power industry expo in Japan even the whole Asia, Since on 2005 the PV EXPO began its life, the exhibiting scales kept gradually growing until it became the prefect platform for one to develop Japan - the world second biggest PV market even the growing whole Asia PV market, at the same time in the expo schedule, many profession forums, discuss, and special fairs would be hold to exhibit the most advanced sun PV technology , to investigate the industry development trend and further.





As one of the world leading Sun energy PV enterprises – the Jinko solar possessed world 1st class product technologies, with business covering silicon ingot, silicon chip, Solar cells, and Polycrystalline or single crystal PV module manufacturing areas, it kept providing PV products, solutions and technology services for many above-ground power station, commercial and consumer clients spread in global many countries. In 2014, the Jinko Solar group PV module output reached up by 65% to the historical top record 2.9GW, this edged itself to be the world 3rd biggest PV module producer.





Since on 2014 PV EXPO Jinko Solar launched the intelligence PV modules inside built the optimized chip. It wined general praises from industry peers with its powerful strengths, and this year, Jinko Solar chose to cooperate with its usual partner – the Demage Exhibition Messe who brought the world 1st EI system to the public as win-win union again, mighty showed on this PV energy expo with the powerful strengths and inspiring technological Booth.





The professional Demage design team applied the simple huge white as the overall booth base color tone, which matched well with the Green Jinko Solar enterprise logo found everywhere, the final booth effect not only affords to present the sustainable development theories, but also pleased the the audiences to make them feel comfortable.





In front of the wall there hangs a super big LED electronic display, with the loop video playing Jinko company profiles and newest products on it, plus the striking enterprise logo in the doorway, it succeed in attracting more visitors ahead stop for watching and inquire in front of the booth.



Demage experts carefully set up the main series products show area on one booth side to help the audiences understand the product functions and features more comprehensively, where many visitors signed with Jinko solar. As commented by the Jinko energy CEO: we are very pleased to introduce the newest technical achivement to the public, the intelligence PV modules will enormously enhance PV system in efficiency, we are expecting to provide people with more different economic clean energy schemes.





The trendy yet rich in high-tech booth Demage Japan built for the Jinko solar group provided a perfect show space for the Jinko solar new products,which not only been highly praised by the Jinko solar group leaders,but also help bring plenty of orders for Jinko in the live expo and attracted huge many audiences ahead for Jinko Booth,on the other hand they well illustrated the Demage booth’s high quality and humanized services. After the expo prefectly Concluded, the Jinko solar leaders in the expo highly affirmed Demage’s professional design and services toward the Demage team, and cast a higher expectation in further engagements with Demage.